Intelligence (BI) and business analytics

Harness the hidden signals in emerging and difficult to acquire datasets.


About Lab 1

Lab 1 provides businesses with data and insights into emerging and difficult to reach datasets, such as dark web communities and emerging social media sources. 

Lab 1 provides this data for a wide range of use cases:

  • Marketing analytics and consumer intelligence.

  • Demand forecasting and trend prediction.

  • Early detection of threats arising from the dark web.

  • Identifying and mitigating reputational risk.

  • Fraud Prevention.

Business information and infographics co


Lab 1 provide bespoke, subscription, and API packages. Please contact us about your monitoring, data, and analytics needs.

We carefully monitor the following datasources, taking care to ensure full compliance with data protection legislation.

Speak to use about a solution for one of the following datasets.

  • 4chan

  • Discord

  • Telegram

  • TikTok

  • Dark web communities​

  • Other hidden datasources.


LAB 1 data solutions

Look in the places that your competitors don't know about.


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