We find Compromised Data Fast.
Lab 1 finds compromsied Data Assets in the Deep and Dark web. We can do it for you and we can do it across your entire Supply Chain.

Any data

With Lab 1 you can ask us to look for many types of data asset. You can also set Assets as high priority - e.g. this email address is a Key Person within the org. Adding assets and marking them ensures we search more precisely and classify/prioritise Alerts more effectively.

Example Data Assets:
- Key People
- User Credentials
- File names
- Documents
- Mentions of your company
- Bespoke Data Types
- Many Others

Speed Matters

When data has been compromised knowing about it fast can mean the difference between zero damage and many $millions.  Our systems are built to run 24 x 7 and will alert you the instant there’s a Compromised Data match meaning you can take the appropriate steps straight away.  We also send a daily status update for peace of mind.

Compromised data in your Supply Chain

Why we're fast


CyGraph is our bespoke graph. As we collect data, CyGraph adds it to the mesh, spotting links and patterns. Think of CyGraph rather like a Detective Inspector closing in on the criminal.


Our Analysts are Fast - not just because they're brilliant but because we’ve built custom tools that make them more productive when hunting in hard to reach deep and dark places.

AI & Machine Learning

We're always looking for ways to find faster and classify better. Our bespoke AI and Machine Learning tools help us to do just that.

Shining a light in dark places

Lab 1 looks in hard to reach places, like forums, messaging platforms, pastebins, code repositories, social platforms, and in deep & dark web areas blocked by login screens.

Compromised Data leaves you vulnerable to attack

Colonial Pipeline was breached because a user name and password had been compromised. Don't let this happen to you, have Lab 1 search for your Compromised Data. Sign up for free today.

Read Bloomberg Article: Hackers Breached Colonial Pipeline Using Compromised Password.
"95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error" and "30% involve internal actors" how do you know you've not been Compromised if you don't look?
src: Cybint & verizon
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